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Hygiene products free from preservatives

First line in cosmetics with natural polyphenols

Rich in prebiotics

  • With active nutrients that protect the skin microbiota
  • Anti-oxidant action
  • Anti-free radicals
  • For daily use
conservantes en cosmética
polifenoles cosmética

Living Cosmetics

Nourishment for skin and hair

The use of polyphenols as natural preservatives is a truly is innovative concept in the world of cosmetics, so let us tell you a little more about these active nutrients that are so beneficial to your skin.

¿Qué son los polifenoles?

What they are

Polyphenols come from plants and they have been demonstrated to have a high antioxidant capacity, as well as the ability to eliminate free radicals.

That means they use natural action to protect our skin from the external aggressive factors we are exposed to every day, thereby avoiding skin problems, making the skin glow and reducing visible signs of aging, as well as providing many other benefits.

¿Qué beneficios aportan a tu piel los polifenoles?

The benefits for your skin

Anti-oxidant action
Protects your skin and keeps it healthy and balanced.

Anti-free radicals
Prevents premature skin aging.

Natural preservative
Prolongs product life and keeps it in good condition.

Protects the skin microbiota
Double protection for your skin with a physical and immunological barrier.

Active nutrients for the skin
For regenerated, supple skin.

Conservantes en cosmética

Preservatives for cosmetics

Preservatives are found in many cosmetic products, and are ingredients that prevent or reduce microbial growth in the product and keep it in good condition. If a cosmetic product becomes contaminated with bacteria, it can no longer be used. Although not all cosmetic products need them, the use of preservatives is important to prevent microbial contamination, so that the product continues to provide the benefits your skin needs.

It’s important to use a variety of preservatives, as many of them can cause sensitivity, and while their use is safe under normal conditions, continuous use may result in over-exposure. Research into other ingredients, such as natural polyphenols, for their possible use as preservatives is therefore of vital interest.

Los polifenoles y la cosmética

Polyphenols and cosmetics

So you can see that there are many possible benefits of polyphenols for different criteria, and phenolic compounds have been a source of interest for several decades as potential agents to prevent and treat many diseases related to oxidative stress, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, aging, diabetes and neurodegenerative illness.

Their positive potential as natural preservatives and prebiotics has recently been confirmed in the cosmetics industry. Their use prolongs product life and helps to preserve active ingredients, therefore maintaining the quality and effectiveness of cosmetic products so they continue to provide the benefits your skin needs, and reduce skin infection or irritation.