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Research, development and innovation


From its very beginnings Thader Pharma has had a deep interest in exploring and investigating new markets and new formulas, with a passion for innovation and change and a total commitment to the development of new products and to using whatever resources are necessary for their creation.

This fascinating but painstaking path has opened doors for us to other companies, educational institutions and governmental facilities such as INFO and CDTY.

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Thader Pharma - Gel hidroalcohólico

We soon realised that the journey of investigation is not only more productive when made in company, but that uniting minds and resources proffers brilliant results. Thader Pharma is fully committed to diversification and investment in R+D+i.

Today we have a staff of professionals in the field, including engineers, chemists, doctors, and IT specialists, who are dedicated to developing and publishing various investigation projects alongside researchers at the University of Murcia, Cartagena Polytechnic University, and San Antonio Catholic University.

i + d + i

All the R+D+i projects we initiate use the same work model:

  • We start from an idea that shows up well in a bibliographical search or comes from other departments in the company.
  • We begin basic investigations, and establish contracts for collaboration with the universities in the region of Murcia (UM, UPCT), which includes research grants that might at a later date be passed on to company staff.
  • We continue with applied research to create a prototype.
  • One we are happy with the results we set up a production line for mass manufacture (a new system of manufacture and new processes) and recruit a product-specific sales team.
  • And lastly we prepare the publicity campaign for national and international promotion.