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Cryptophalus aspersa

The origins

The discovery of Cryptomphalus aspersa (SCA) and its use in skincare was made over 55 years ago and has been documented by its discoverer and researcher Dr Rafael Abad Iglesias (chief of service of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital Ramón Y Cajal in Madrid for over 20 years), demonstrating the surprising regenerative properties of SCA on radiation burns.

Dr Abad Iglesias has proved that the gastropod Cryptomphalus aspersa aggressively retracts its tentacles when given radiation (x and gamma rays, co 60) and at the same time produces a secretion that is different from the secretion produced for movement, with a (powerful and fast) capacity for tissue reparation and the regeneration of its injured skin.

This discovery led him to question whether the substance could be used to heal damaged or injured skin in people. 

After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia, Russian health authorities were researching active ingredients to help repair the skin damage suffered by locals from radiation burns. They came across research published on an active ingredient by a Spanish researcher, Dr Abad, and immediately contacted him to carry out further research into the effectiveness of his product.

The results were notable for their clinical effectiveness, and at that point the product began to generate more interest


TH-SCA is the natural substance obtained by Thader Pharma under license and according to the strict parameters established by patent USA 5538740 and the expertise developed by Dr Abad.

What is?

TH-SCA is the secretion of the gastropod Cryptomphalus aspersa , which is released when the gastropod is stimulated physically under the controlled and patented method.

What does?

TH-SCA is biologically highly active and rich in proteins and glucopolysaccharides. It protects and helps in the repair of the skin’s most sensitive structures. It is the best solution to help in protecting the skin against aggressive exogenous and endogenous factors.

How is obtained

The process of obtaining the secretion from the gastropod Cryptomphalus aspersa takes place at a specific time in its life cycle.

The animal is submitted to controlled physical stress, which does not harm it.

The process of obtaining the active ingredient is based on the protocol indicated in patent USA 5538740.

Quality control

The process of obtaining TH-SCA is carried out under laboratory conditions, and the product is analysed by batch to confirm that its content is correct with an appropriate level of biological activity.

  • “It is essential that each batch contains all the components that guarantee the action of the product”.
  • “The activity is determined by the quality and quantity of the active ingredient”.

Scientificalle proven

The activity of the active ingredient has been scientifically proven in diverse significant studies carried out at prestigious research centres using the patented method of extraction.

We have a large amount of scientific in vitro and in vivo research that prove the effectiveness and safety of the product in the treatment of cutaneous photo-aging and the repair of irradiated skin, as well as for many other applications for the active ingredient.

Thader Pharma has a large amount of research documents for studies that prove its effectiveness*

What makes active

Proteins and peptides

  • Fibroblasts growth factor
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) (with significant antioxidant action)
  • Glutation-S-transferase (GSH-T) (antioxidant action)
  • Collagenase (proven by doctors in its use for healing tissue, contributing to the formation of new tissue and the re-epithelialisation of ulcers and skin healing)
  • Haemocyanin (a protein responsible for carrying oxygen)

Proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans

  • Antiproteases
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Low molecular weight antioxidants


  • Calcium and iron

Has demonstrated effects on

  • Skin regeneration.
  •  Antioxidant and cytoprotective action.
  • The proliferation of fibroblasts and extra-cellular matrix assembly.
  • Renewal of denatured collagen.
  • Hydration.

Comparisons th-sca vs. snail slime

TH-SCA vs snail slime

DO NOES CONFUSE snail slime with TH-SCA

It is very important to differentiate between SNAIL SLIME and TH-SCA (THE CRYPTOMPHALUS ASPERSA SECRETION):

– Snail slime: a mucous substance secreted by the snail to help it move, with no demonstrated biological action.

– CRYPTOMPHALUS ASPERSA (TH-SCA) SECRETION: a dense substance rich in proteins and polysaccharides secreted by the snail when specifically stimulated, to repair its skin and protect itself from aggressive external factors.

Present and the future of the active

Thader Pharma has improved the method for obtaining the active ingredient, which guarantees a substantial improvement in the quality of the product and consequently in the capacity and activity of all the components that comprise it.

Thader Pharma continues to carry out its own research to continue working with previous results, and we can confirm that the products included in our TH-SCA formula help many people to significantly improve the condition of their skin.

Summary of the first impressions of the research currently being carried out:

“We analyse the complete hydrating treatment in patients diagnosed with oncological illness of the head or neck in radiotherapy.

In a recurring pattern, between the third and fourth week of treatment, patients present radiodermatitis that can develop to GII-III according to the dose of radiation given. This radiodermatitis can appear earlier if the radiation treatment is combined with chemotherapy or targeted therapy (Cetuximab).
In a study (ten patients) with application given twice a day, we observed:

– Radiodermatitis GI remained until the end of treatment, without becoming more serious.

– In one case in which moist dermatitis on the neck was combined with the application of a second moisturiser, when we went back to applying the study cream the dermatitis improved, even to a lower grade, and flaking disappeared.

– The development of most flaking is frequent in skin folds and by applying the cream the radiodermatitis does not reach this grade.

Remember that

Thader Pharma formulae are well-known for making the newest and most effective skincare available to the public, providing a range that covers all the needs of its customers.

  • 78% of the biochemical elements present in the TH-SCA secretion are not found in the slime.
  • All the formulae enriched with the TH-SCA achieve notable differences in their results from those achieved by similar products.
  • 11% of the biochemical elements present in the TH-SCA secretion differs by a significant statistical proportion from those found in the slime.
  • Only 10% of the biochemical elements are found in both secretions in non-significant measures.
  • The TH-SCA secretion is biochemically different from the slime in 90% of its components.
  • The TH-SCA secretion is completely active when obtained using the in vivo method, without using chemical additives or harming the animal.
  • The TH-SCA secretion contains the basic cellular nutrients: metabolic substances, lipids and total proteins (groups I, II and III), which are absent in the slime.
  • The biochemical differences established are significant and profound, proving (in accordance with current biochemical knowledge) that the TH-SCA secretion contains the necessary biochemical elements to nourish the cellular tissue. The slime lacks these nutrients.
  • Consequently, it is confirmed that the capacity for cell regeneration is only contained in the TH-SCA secretion.